RM Coffee House: 602 N Devine Rd, Vancouver, WA (Map)
Mon-Fri: 6am - 6pm; Sat & Sun: 7am - 6pm

  • Nuvrei Pastries
  • Stumptown Coffee
  • Latte Art
  • Our Downtown Location
  • La Marzocco Espresso Machine
  • Enjoy Stumptown on a Clover
  • Every Drink is a Masterpiece
  • Our Downtown Location at 7th and Main
Whether you enjoy Italian classics (espresso, macchiatos, or cappuccinos) or modern American interpretations (lattes, mochas, or cold brew), River Maiden's skilled baristas are committed to doing just one thing - execute great coffee at the highest level, every time.

To make the best, you have to start with the best, so we do - Stumptown Coffee Roasters (www.stumptowncoffee.com). Many consider them the world’s finest roaster and they are just ten miles from our cafes. Pioneers in Direct Trade coffee, they source it and roast it better than anyone. We get it freshly roasted twice a week to ensure optimum flavor and espresso profiles.

Great coffee deserves a great accompaniment. We’ve got some of the best—Nuvrei Pastries. Renowned pastry chef Marius Pop and his team provide us their French classics (croissants, brioches), as well as their interpretations on modern American café fare (scones, muffins and cookies).
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